Issue with the Forum

10th Sept. 2013 -After a period of reading and looking at the various options I seem to have fixed the issue by:

Go to Forum Settings/Integration/Page and Permalink/Theme Display Options, un-tick ‘Allow multiple loading of forum content’, tick ‘Limit forum display to within WP loop’ then Save and refresh display. Forum now displays only within page boundaries.

This will now let me get back on track with some new posts and forum updates.

3rd Sept. 2013 – Still have issues with the display of the Forum. Trying to figure out why it won’t display correctly. Further updates have not solved the problem.

23rd Aug. 2013 – Looks like we have a problem with the formatting of the Forum.

It could be to do with the WordPress update and Forum plug-in software update, that I have just carried out. Grrrh!!!!

Will look into it asap, apologies in the meantime.

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