So who are SeniorNet UK?

We first came up with the idea of SeniorNet-UK after reading an article in the now defunct Personal Computing World magazine. After carrying out some initial research, we found a number of SeniorNet sites around the globe, but none here in the UK , so we decided to launch our very own SeniorNet UK site.

After an initial surge in interest, SeniorNet-UK has been in a bit of a hibernation status for various reasons, but after some recent discussions we think that there is still a place for such a site in the UK, hence the relaunch of SeniorNet-UK now using the popular WordPress platform.

We will eventually be contactable in number of ways, but until we have all of that setup, the best way would be via our Contact Form and we will then get back in touch with you.

Looking forward sharing this new phase of of SeniorNet-UK with you all.